Space at the DF-WAN MarketPlace & Food Court is assigned on a first come first served basis. WAN reserves the right to refuse any vendor application. We do not guarantee you will be the only vendor selling your type of merchandise or advertising your type of product/service. For the safety and convenience of all vendors, we require that everyone rent their space for all three days of the Danish Festival. We ask that everyone be set up by 9am on Friday morning. If you cannot be set up by Friday at 9am, you may risk forfeiture of your space or we may relocate your space elsewhere. We recognize that emergencies arise and ask that any exceptions to this requirement be approved in writing by the MarketPlace Director. Set up and tear down must be done before or after MarketPlace hours. Please, no driving on the park during MarketPlace hours. There will be a separate area for the food vendors in the Northeast corner of the park. MarketPlace hours are Friday and Saturday from 9am to 8pm and Sunday from 10:30am to 4pm. You may operate outside of these hours at your own discretion.
We try to assign the best space for your merchandise and to place vendors with similar merchandise in different areas of the park. Please list ALL merchandise on your application. Prior permission will be required from the Director if you plan on subletting your space, or selling food items. The sale of certain food items and all beverages are reserved for our Food Court vendors only. Failure to comply with this rule may result in termination of this agreement.


Setup begins as scheduled by WAN on the Thursday, prior to festival weekend. No one may start setting up unless authorized by a WAN member. Setup times are assigned because some spaces cannot be accessed once other vendors are in place. After your application has been processed, we will mail you a map of the MarketPlace showing your space and a letter of confirmation. Confirmation letters are typically sent out at the end of July. Vendors are also invited to attend our welcome continental breakfast Friday morning from 7am – 9am. We suggest you keep a copy of this application for your records and bring your letter of confirmation with you.


For the safety of your pet as well as others, the City of Greenville has an ordinance in place that prohibits pets in all areas of the festival, including the DF-WAN MarketPlace & Food Court. Thank you for your cooperation.


Rollerblading and biking in the park is not allowed during the festival, per the Greenville Public Safety Department. No one is permitted on the tennis courts during festival. Please refrain from parking across the drive at the basketball court area, this must be kept clear for emergency use vehicles. WAN is not responsible for lost or stolen goods or personal injury. There will be “Music in the Park” all three days, including Friday and Saturday evenings. WAN will again operate a command central for the park from our tent just East of the basketball courts. A WAN member will be available for any questions that arise.