2018 Woman of the Year – Angela Hollinshead
Angela has taken “Lemons and turned them into Lemonade”, with her founding of the Humane Society of Mid Michigan. Her days are full of educating and mentoring opportunities, of which she takes full advantage – whether it’s speaking to a classroom, the use of social media, or working one on one with a volunteer.  The mentoring of young women volunteers has inspired some to further their education in animal careers.  Rarely doubting her own abilities, she always moves forward toward her goal of creating an entity that not only shelters and cares for animals, but that also fosters community involvement through activities and education, for the betterment of both.
Women’s Action Network is always looking for new ways to support the economic and professional growth of women in our community.
Each year, WAN presents a Woman of the Year award to a local area woman in recognition of her service to the community, achievement in her profession or workplace, and commitment to her family. A celebratory afternoon takes place at the Senior Tea event in May.
The Woman of the Year is chosen from nominations submitted by the general public.
Nominations must be 300 words or less and must contain specific examples of why the nominee should be honored.
Woman of the Year nominations are solicited until February 25 each year. If you wish to nominate someone for the Woman of the Year award, you may do so by completing the form below or submitting one to:
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You can also email us at wanmontcalm@gmail.com.

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