Since 2006, Women’s Action Network has awarded over five thousand dollars for the Audrey Malling Adult Scholarship! This scholarship was created in honor of Audrey Malling, one of the original founders of Women’s Action Network of Greenville. The scholarship is available to adult women who are pursing continuing education courses, paying college expenses, building professional development or other activities related to personal career growth.
Former winners have utilized the funds to help pay for college classes to pursue a nursing degree at Montcalm Community College. Others have used the scholarship to apply toward professional development through their employer. The scholarship nominating committee looks for applicants who are working toward their goals, showing their commitment to their careers.
The $500 scholarship is awarded in early spring to women ages 25 years and older. Applicants must submit a one-page letter explaining how the scholarship will be used to further enhance her personal or professional objectives. Application announcements take place in February and March of each year. Look for announcements printed in the local newspapers, on Facebook, and on our website.


For more information call 616-824-2003 or email
Each year, Women’s Action Network awards scholarships to senior girls graduating from a high school residing in Montcalm county. The Scholarship may be used for tuition/room board only and the recipient must have been accepted by a college. Each year the amount varies and one or more recipients are selected.
If you have questions or would like more information about the scholarships, talk to your high school counselor to apply.